Health Challenge.

As part of seeking a long-term solution for my ongoing health issues, I decided to take a month-long dietary change challenge. No meats, no flour, no rice, no processed foods, and natural sugars.


The Diet.

The main idea is to eat more vegetables and fruits. Pretty simple, right? Not really. It is a real challenge when you are not used to it. 

My current list of ingredients (but not limited to): 

The Menu.

Some of the dishes I have learned to create with the ingredients I have at my disposal:


Note: These are phone pictures and not taken with the intention to post on this website.

The Results.

I miss my rice & beans! It’s been a slow and expensive challenge, but overall worthwhile. I have begun to see small changes that make it worth it! And I have discovered some new foods that I would have never tried and absolutely enjoy!

I know this is a temporary solution to much larger issues but a great beginning and I am grateful to Ms. Rodrigues for helping and pushing me with this challenge!

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