Merida Medical Trip – An Overview

The Overview.

Merida was a trip of many challenges and healing, discovery, and restoration.

I was in a state where I felt I was going to Merida and getting admitted to a hospital for the whole or most of the stay. If I’m honest, the thought I may not go back home was also there…but thankfully, that was not the case. The trip has been an exhausting and hectic journey figuring out everything, especially with the language barrier…thank God for Anthony! We would have been lost without him!

But even with every new challenge… it’s been worth it!

On the first day, we reached our Airbnb, and I gradually felt myself getting stronger with every passing day. I began to feel a bit more like myself again. The suburban neighborhood was surreal, and the environment was calming, peaceful, and quiet…a perfect oasis for recovery. But the better I felt, the more my old habits started to creep in…wanting to be up and active, thinking of working, and wanting to eat, eat, eat, and be like everything is 100%.

I have lived in pain daily for the past couple of years. It may not have been as noticeable to others around me because I was more open about it to close friends and family. So as soon as the pain was bearable, I wanted things to return to “normal.” As mentioned before, laying in bed and being in pain doesn’t work well with me as I begin to overthink things, stress, get anxious, and only focus on the pain.

For this trip, I had appointments with an allergist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, internist, and urologist. The doctors in Merida are at a whole next level! I have heard it before, but being there yourself gives you an understanding of how different and professional they are. Compared to what I have seen and experienced over the years in Belize, they are way more helpful and detailed with information about the conditions you are going through.

The Allergist (with evaluations by the dermatologist and internist) – My blood test results show that my liver was damaged and overworked. For now, I will have to take meds and redo the tests to check-up if the liver has improved in the next three months. I also have anemia, as my body is still fighting internal inflammation and other conditions. The rashes are still itching regularly, especially with the heat, and will take some time to go away completely. In the meantime, I need to stay away from the sun as much as possible, wear clothes that cover my skin when outside, and use creams to hydrate my skin.

The Gastroenterologist – For the colon, he places me on a month of medication that he emphasizes are very effective in reversing the suspected ulcerative colitis. The biopsy results from Belize have finally reached, and they indicated that it indicates an Ischemic Colitis condition. They believe I should be fine since they only found one legion during the examination. I still plan to take the medications as prescribed by the specialist in Merida just to be safe.

The Urologist – Has confirmed that from my description of the issues, I have bacterial growth that is causing problems I must deal with. I also need to continue my meds that help with my prostatitis issue. I can’t remember all the details, but he has given me medication for a month and says to take another ultrasound to see the progress.

The doctors have already advised me to rest and keep a diet; take my medication as prescribed and fully; deal with one issue at a time, not over-medicate myself, and be aware of changes as I take them. The next step after this is to follow up with each specialist, retake some tests to see progress, and decide where to go from there.

This trip is one of restoration which goes beyond all the obstacles, unrest, and expenses! I’m thankful we pushed to come as soon as we did and eternally grateful to each person who rallied behind me with support, positive messages, and attitude! It has all been a tremendous push toward making this season one of hope and comfort ❤️

I have reached home with a more positive outlook and look forward to continuing my healing journey one step at a time…ready to face each new challenge!

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