The Journey.

Creativity has always been a part of my life. I was always fascinated with superheroes, mythology, and character design. ART IS LIFE. 

A Simple Timeline.

Started Drawing in Primary School

My first memories of really exploring my creative side started in Standard 3. Tracing from the Phonics books with friends until we could have done it freehand. Throughout the rest of Primary School I continue getting better.

Drawing Portraits in High School

After years of getting better I still couldn't quite get portraits correct so I decided to take arts as my elective. These two semesters proved to be worth it! My finals project was a portrait of Avril Lavigne.

Learning Photoshop as a Young Adult

After graduating from 6 form I was jobless and at home with a lot of free time on hand. I picked up Adobe Photoshop and began experimenting. This is where my journey as a graphic designer began. 

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Learning Photography as a Hobby

The opportunity to get a Sony a6000 came thanks to my brother. I decide to venture into the world of photography that year.

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Digital Art and Poster Designs

I haven't gotten to explore this area much but it was so much fun...and so much work! I created some digital art of some of my favorite characters to add to my personal portfolio.

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Trying Abstract Painting

Even though I was always told it was something I would be good at I doubted myself for years. In June of 2022 I decided to try some painting techniques and was happy with the results!

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Creativity is what you make of it!

Glenn Roaden
Visuals by Glenn Patrick

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